During the process of making this film I learnt a lot in many different fields of knowledge. In a technical sense, I have learnt numerous tips and tricks on how to record good sound and video quality. This has mostly been through trial and error. However, it is important to make the mistakes so we … More Insights

Filming David

This was our first shoot for the film. We arrived at his house and he very warmly let us in. We came in and began to set up. He offered us tea and while he went to make it we created the scene. The camera was set up and we framed it so that we … More Filming David


For an individual successfully communicate themselves through the medium of camerawork, he or she must truly understand what the camera represents. Some may argue that knowing the technical side to using a camera is the only thing one needs to know to do this successfully. However, while this is important,  I have learnt that this is not … More Symbolism