Filming David

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 16.52.50.png
This was our first shoot for the film. We arrived at his house and he very warmly let us in. We came in and began to set up. He offered us tea and while he went to make it we created the scene. The camera was set up and we framed it so that we could capture as many of the fantastic items of David’s from around the room as possible. Obviously main attraction was his Buddha statue. He told us we could move anything we wanted and we set about making small adjustments as to capture the perfect shot.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.28.46The Buddha had to be moved to the side so the chair did not cover it. In addition, the chair itself would have left David too high and the Buddha would not have been captured in full. Luckily we had the option of using a fairly low chair (the recliner). We set David up in this and told him he couldn’t move from the right side of it – as it was a wide chair there was a lot of room for him to move around on but to keep him in shot he had to stay on the right side of it. There was a window as well, which was too bright and over exposed so the camera position was finely adjusted so that the window was not in
frame. The shot was almost ready. However, there was just one thing missing. The fireplace looked a little bare. I set up three wooden blocks on the corner to add a little something to that part of the frame, which would have otherwise looked bare. Johanna had a line of questions ready for David. We had Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 16.55.12.pngspoken before and discussed that it would be nice to have a person relating to each of the 5 rhythms. During the process of filming it became obvious that for David, 5Rhythms was about gaining a connection with other people. We talked about this afterwards and thought we should ask other people questions about these connections. This then became the focal point of our film.

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