Why I Had To Make This Film

Five rhymes was not my idea. The first time I had heard about it was when Johanna told me about it in class. It started as a light hearted conversation about what each of our topics were. However, straight away I knew that hers was more interesting than mine. After she had told me about it in class, I went home and researched it. I looked at Youtube videos and read webpages on it. The more I found out about it the more interested in it I was. My mum has always been into these sorts of ‘meditative’ experiences and I had been familiar and interested in them from a young age.

I knew we were allowed to do collaborative project and so I planned to ask Johanna if she would be interested in doing one. In class I asked her if she would like to work together and told her how I could help with the technical side to the project as I have some experience. She was enthusiastic to work together. Unfortunately I could not make the first shoot with a teacher of five rhymes as it fell the morning of my dissertation presentation. However, Johanna filmed the teacher explaining and performing the stages to five rhymes. I watched the footage and it made me more excited to explore the five rhymes culture in more depth.

During the course of the filming, I realised that due to the elaborate movements and complete freedom these people experienced during their dancing, this was a film I always had to make. People have to live most of their lives with restrictions on how to behave and how to act. However, at five rhymes these were all lifted. I myself felt these restrictions lifted as I let loose in the warm up session. I felt privileged to capture this raw and unchained version of all these fantastic individuals. This experience is something I believe many individuals need in their lives. I felt that by doing this project on five rhymes I had been given a chance to spread the joy these individuals felt which would hopefully inspire more ‘locked up’ individuals to let loose through this emancipating activity.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.37.56.png

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