Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.34.15During the process of making this film I learnt a lot in many different fields of knowledge. In a technical sense, I have learnt numerous tips and tricks on how to record good sound and video quality. This has mostly been through trial and error. However, it is important to make the mistakes so we can grow as filmmakers. It is likely all the great visual ethnographers have at some point or in some way made the same mistakes as I have! Filmmaking, like many professions, is one where you learn and progress through doing things wrong. Only by doing these things wrong now, do you know to not do them again.

I learnt how to use the DSLRs and the power they hold to capture great moments. This was guided by what Mike had shown us in class but obviously the real learning comes from trying it out for yourself. So much so I am actually very tempted to buy my own! In addition, this was probably one of the most enjoyable modules of my time here at Kent, and I think that means something. If this project is well received it may make me think about possibly pursuing this as a prospective job in the future. They always say do your hobby as a career and I have always enjoyed making films my whole life. While this may not have affected the eventual structure of my film, it may have affected the eventual structure of my life so I thought it was worth adding!

I leant that as a cameraman/ editor you hold a lot of power. You hold the representation of your subjects. As anthropologists we aim to represent individuals in a way that resembles reality. However, it is often the case that many ‘realties’ can exist. Therefore, this should always be done with a thought about how this particular form of reality may be received by the subject and the audience. I leant that sometime my story was not the most important thing and sometimes fair representation comes before that. I actually found that after I had discovered this I much preferred my own film. It feels better to be representing someone or a group of people in a manner you feel they would appreciate. After all they were nice enough to let you film them. Therefore I learnt the ethical component of filmmaking and how using an ethical, fair approach can offer any filmmaker not only peace of mind but also produce material at a much higher quality.

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