Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.28.46The hope is that this film will be relevant to many different audiences. We wanted to produce an informative film that was enjoyable to watch. Moreover, we wanted to show the power a 5Rhythms session had over people and the joy it brought them. On the same note, we wanted to represent these people fairly and accurately. I have discussed the process of this elsewhere on the blog. The current page explains why instead of how. Indeed, we hoped by primarily sticking to these principles we would produce a film that would appeal to several different audiences.

This film could help those that need 5Rhythms in their lives. The film highlights the interpersonal connections that can materialise through five rhymes. One of the dancers described it as a ‘moving meditation’ and I also advocate this. Many individuals many need to gain or fix relationships within their own lives. I argue that many individuals are in need of five rhymes and the bonds that blossom from it. Indeed, this film could be a powerful tool used to help those that need this. It is therefore relevant to the people who may need interpersonal connections strengthened within their lives. Those who are already participating in other forms of meditation may watch it and be inspired to try it out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 17.28.08

This film is fundamentally ethnography. As such, it would be relevant to social anthropologists, especially those interested in dance or mediation. The film followed several ethnographic techniques, such as collaboration, reflexivity and participant observation. By incorporating these aspects we hoped to represent our subjects accurately. Due to a careful on going desire to focus on true representation instead of story the hope is that this film could reach many academics that are interested either in visual anthropology or specific fields that would include 5Rhythms.