The Filming Exercises

The filming exercises we did were helpful. Mike provided us with a lot of information about the camera and how to use it. Unfortunately because it was quite a lot of information, it was hard to remember it all in the moment when we were shooting. In hindsight I wish I had wrote down the pointers he made. At the time it did not seem like anyone was so I did not either. However, when filming would have taken too long to read through the manual when our interviewee was waiting for us to set up – I did actually try but I could tell he was getting inpatient. I attempted to change the settings but couldn’t get the sharpness I wanted. This affected all the shots we took thereafter which meant the end result did not have the crispness I wanted. This was a shame but the footage was still useable and we managed to get some nice shots.

The exercises we did were useful for understanding the pressures of being filmed, moreover the trust that has to be put in the filmmaker. By understanding this it helped me gain an empathic approach when I came around to try and persuade people to let me film them. It showed that a gentle approach would work better in most situations, as people naturally feel nervous in front of the lens.

I did however feel that more time could have gone into the technical side of learning how to use a camera or the editing software. Like I mentioned above, I encountered a few problems, which maybe could have been coved in more depth. Luckily I already knew a fair amount about the technical side of things. This helped me create the film I wanted to make.

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